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The Unitarian Society of
East Brunswick

Sanctuary Renovation Project

Steele Kellogg AIA

Chris Kellogg,
Project Architect and Designer
Helen Kaar, Designer
Existing view of the pulpit
As the next two images show, you can only see outside the sanctuary if you're facing the congregation. Meanwhile, the light pouring in from behind bathes the pulpit in a mysterious glow.
Existing view of the pulpit
The room achieves its drama at the expense of any exterior views and at times can feel confining. Composed of four expanding pentagons, it challenges us to bring in a sense of the exterior while respecting its unusual character.
Working model showing stages of the renovation
After renovation, light will diffuse tree forms through the wall and screen behind the pulpit. Branches will reach down from the ceiling and trees will cover a new entrance. Allowing these reminders of nature to penetrate and soften the space will turn it into a virtual grove.
See the whole progression. Please click to view Quicktime movie.
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